Yates Conservative

This website is intended to illustrate, strengthen and defend the link between the principles on which our forbearers founded the United States of America in a Judeo-Christian heritage, and the lives we live and faith we hold today.  No matter how small the remnant clinging to those principles,we embrace the Bill of Rights as God’s Gift to humanity, not the government’s gift to us, but which government is responsible to protect in perpetuity, and which we defend as good stewards, in gratitude to our God.

Key Platform Priorities of Yates Conservative
Most key 2014 platform elements of Yates Conservative are drawn from the Platform of the Conservative Party of New York State (CPNYS).   Yates Conservative is a private site which embraces the principles of the Conservative Party, but is not owned or managed by CPNYS.  Furthermore, CPNYS is not responsible for the content of this website (see further disclaimer below.)   We particularly support the following excerpts and additions (as are especially relevant to Yates County) of the NYS Conservative Platform:

PRESERVATION OF LIFE:  We firmly reject any attempt to expand the already liberal abortion laws of New York State. We believe that New York’s present abortion law should be repealed …. Unborn victims of violence should be given the full protection of our laws. Tax dollars should not be used to prevent or end a pregnancy.  Elderly, terminally ill, and patients who cannot advocate for themselves should have the full protection of the law to prevent attempts to end their lives prematurely.  Support parental notification and/or consent prior to the performance of an abortion on an unmarried minor and support New York passing a ban on Partial Birth Abortion, eliminate Medicaid funding of abortions, and support Informed Consent.   We support legislation that allows families recovery for the wrongful death of their unborn child due to negligence, malpractice, or other wrongful acts. We support enactment of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which would punish an assault on an unborn child.

FAMILY RIGHTS:  We believe the legislature should affirm that marriage is a contract between a man and a woman and call for repeal of legislation that redefined marriage and reject government recognition of non-traditional marriages that take place within or outside of New York State.  We support a constitutional amendment that will define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Efforts must be made to ease adoption laws in New York State so that traditional families can provide a loving home to unwanted or abandoned children.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY:  Hold total state spending growth … below the inflation rate; reduce personal income taxes on all New Yorkers; amend the school property tax and real property tax cap to allow district wide vote by residents to override the budget with a two-thirds majority vote;

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